Antique Bakery

Title: Antique Cakeshop
Starring: Ju Ji Hun (주지훈), Yoo Ah In (유아인), Kim Jae Wook (김재욱), Choi Ji Ho (최지호), Andy Gillet

Once again, the Koreans have produced another entertaining hit based off of an originally Japanese series.  This time its based of the Japanese manga Antique Bakery by Fumi Yoshinaga.  This series was popular in Japan and was even turned into an anime.  The story tells of a man who opens up a cake shop by converting it from the Antique shop it once was.  He ends up hiring a skilled patissier, nicknamed “The Gay of Demonic Charm”, who just so happened to have a crush on him in high school.  However, the owner of the shop has no interest in men what so ever.  The story follows life and the events that follow working at the cake shop.

The first word that comes to mind when I think of this movie is “cute.”  Its quirky French-styled cinematography and humorous script will leave you entertained and amused throughout.  It’s a very fast paced movie, which is a plus because I hate movies that unnecessarily drag and bore you with some overdramatic serious scenes.  Luckily, Antique Bakery had an overall cheerful and happy feeling to it, even if the entire movie wasn’t all just fun and games.  It had a good plot too, making it an undeniably good movie (and chick flick).

My Rating: (5/5)


~ by misunderst0od on April 2, 2009.

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