RFID in Japanese Restaurants

While doing reseach for one of my classes I came across an interesting article about how Japanese restaurants have started to use RFID technology to make restaurant life a little less hectic.  Here’s how it works.

As you probably already know, many Japanese restaurants have automated conveyor belts that rotate food around.  Customers grab the food they want to eat off of the belt.  The food is served on plates of various colors, which helps the restaurant keep track of the customers’ total.  With RFID technology, there is no need to worry about calculating the bill by keeping track of plates by color.  With a wave of an RFID reader, information about the food and their prices will be picked up (and the bill will be calculated) all within seconds.  You don’t even need to wave the RFID reader, you can simply put the plate in front of you and it will pick up the prices as you continue to eat.

I knew Japan was big on technology, but this sort of innovative use just blows my mind.  Now that I think about it, It really is no surprise that Japanese restaurants would do something like this.

~ by misunderst0od on April 23, 2009.

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