Dollhouse Season Finale – Omega

[Spoiler Alert]

In the last episode (Briar Rose), Alpha’s identity was finally revealed.  Alpha imprints Echo with some dumb country girl’s imprint and “kidnaps” her, taking her original imprint (pretty much Caroline’s original brain on a disk) with him.  In the finale all the major questions and mysteries from throughout the season are pretty much answered.

In Omega, Alpha and Echo are on the run while they hold some salesclerk hostage.  They end up in some old, dirty warehouse where there is a chair and a bunch of machines set up (for imprinting brains).  Alpha imprints the hostage, Wendy, with Caroline’s original imprint.  So, basically the hostage becomes Caroline inside someone else’s body.  He then imprints Echo with all the imprints she’s had in the past…at the same time.  It’s enough to make an active go crazy, which is basically what happened to Alpha.  Echo becomes “Omega” with several complete imprints inside of her.  He tries to get Omega to kill “Caroline” because of how pathetic she is and for abandoning Caroline/Echo’s body.

Meanwhile, back at the Dollhouse, they recruit the former FBI agent to clean up the mess he caused by bringing Alpha into the building.  We learn about a new character, Whisky, who is basically Dr. Sanders.  Yes, Dr. Sanders is really an active (codename: Whisky).  The real, original Dr. Sanders was a man.  Whisky used to be the #1 active, but her face was ruined in the incident involving Alpha.  Thus, the Dollhouse thought it was much easier to imprint a broken active than hire a new doctor.

We also learned what triggered the event involving Alpha years ago.  Apparently, Alpha was infatuated with Echo/Caroline ever since he laid eyes on her.  Whisky was the #1 active at the time, but Alpha wanted Echo to be #1 so he snapped, slashed Whisky face, and killed others who tried to stop him.

Back at the warehouse, Omega refuses to kill “Caroline” (perhaps because her soul is pure, or because the morality of people she’s imprinted with is just better).  She starts attacking Alpha and there’s this whole fight scene/shoot down.  Basically Omega tries to get back Caroline’s original copy.  The two former FBI agents come and help.  They get the “brain” back, but Alpha gets away.

And that was pretty much the end of the episode.  The former FBI detective agrees to sign on with Dollhouse as long as they let Mellie (codename: November) go free.  Echo, goes back to her doll like self.

It pisses me off how they let Alpha escape.  At least, there was no cliffhanger.

I thought this episode was okay.  It honestly wasn’t as amazing as Briar Rose.  But I like how they mentioned that, even if a person’s brain changes, their soul doesn’t.  There was no way to describe this episode other than weird, in my opinion.  It wasn’t like the other episodes.

It was cool how they went back into the past.  It cleared up a lot of questions, but I felt like the shouldn’t have saved this info all for the finale.  Oh well, I still found it decent to watch and pretty entertaining.


~ by misunderst0od on May 13, 2009.

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