Emil Emilda


Title: Emil Emilda
Episodes: 25
Type: Malaysian Drama

Synopsis: Emilda works as a clerk in a TV station. Although she looks like a ‘clumsy’ girl, Emilda is actually Tan Sri Nik Baseera’s favorite clerk.  Tan Sri, the CEO of Baseera Media Group (CHANNEL TWELVE) TV Station, favors Emilda for her deep interest in the TV broadcasting world. One day, Tan Sri (who has no heir except his evil niece – Darleena) learns that his only son, who was lost after an accident 20 years ago, is still alive.  Tan Sri wishes to meet his son (Boboi) face to face. Unfortunately, on his way to meet his lost son, the helicopter carrying him explodes and crashes to the ground.  Tan Sri is found dead and, as a result, Channel Twelve TV Station is left without a CEO.  Darleena thinks that she should replace her uncle’s position as CEO. However, Nazeem, the company’s lawyer, announces that before Tan Sri left for Pahang, he stated that the only person that could replace him while he was searching for his son is Emilda. From a clerk that was ‘clumsy’ and a ‘nerd’, Emilda rushes to transform into the new CEO of Baseera Media Group, but there’s a catch.  Emilda is given a condition: she must find a suitable husband in only 6 hours.  To save Channel Twelve from Darleena, Emilda realizes she should fulfill Tan Sri’s wish and take on the responsibility. With the help from Nazeem, the company’s loyal lawyer, and her best friends (Mac and EJ), she sets out to become the new CEO in order to protect Channel Twelve. But how will Emilda find a suitable husband in only 6 hours?  Emil comes to save the day…

This is probably the first Malaysian drama that I’ve watched (and finished).  It was a decent watch.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve watched way too many dramas, but I found this a bit cliché and predictable.  I pretty much guessed the plot from the first couple episodes.  But then again, every drama has its flaws.  This one was cute and entertaining, so its flaws can be overlooked.

Some of it was weird and rather choppy.  The characters’ personalities randomly changed.  The male lead’s character comes off as a jerk, and pretty much remains one, but then all of a sudden he falls in love (and still remains a jerk).  Somewhere along the way, he suddenly becomes Mr. Nice Guy, a real sweetheart (but this is way after he falls in love).  What a joke.

However, I must admit the two main characters make a really cute couple.  Perhaps I was attached to this drama because I found Malaysian culture interesting (as shown through media perspective).  Whatever the reason, it’s good and I recommend it to others…just make sure you watch with something you can fast forward through it with (to skip a few slow scenes – unless of course you like such scenes).

It’s currently hardsubbed in English at Youtube or Viki.

My Rating: (3/5)


~ by misunderst0od on May 15, 2009.

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