Let’s Go Watch A Meteor Shower


Remember hearing about the newest version (drama) of Boys Over Flowers / Hana Yori Dango?  I’m talking about the Chinese one that recently aired.  Well, I have finally finished watching the series (all 36 episodes) and am happy to announce that it exceeded my expectations.

For those of you don’t know, the plot is about a poor/commoner girl who gets accepted into an elite school (Aliceton), where the sons and daughters of the highly rich attend.  There she meets 4 mischievous students (AKA The F4) who bully others and cause problems, mainly because they want to get kicked out of the school.  However, the girl’s sense of duty to uphold justice interferes with their activities, making her their next target for bullying.  And so begins the war between the girl and the F4, which eventually leads into friendship and love…and all the drama that comes with it.
[SPOILER ALERT – read at your own risk]

There are a lot more major differences in comparison to the original storyline, but, in my opinion, they are acceptable and likeable (most of them, anyway).

First of all, the F4 are not together in the first episode.  Three of the members have been friends since childhood, but the leader (Yun Hai) meets them for the first time upon returning from Australia…where he lived most of his life.  Yun Hai and the F3 do not get along at first and come off as rivals.  Eventually, through the rivalry they become good friends, thus becoming the F4 with Yun Hai as their leader.

Second, the curly hair is gone!  I know an important part of HYD is that she doesn’t like Doumyouji/Jun Pyo’s trademark curly hair.  Honestly, the curly hair was something that I could never get used to.  It would always annoy me for some reason.  This change was a plus for me.

The first date isn’t exactly an official first date.  They do spend the night together due to unfortunate circumstances, but it’s at the beach.  They are not trapped within super close proximity to one another like in the other series.

Yun Hai’s sister is still single in this drama.  There’s this whole weird love triangle thing going on with her ex-boyfriend and one of the F4 members.

A few scandalous elements of the plot were eliminated.  While I felt they were somewhat important to the original storyline, I could see why they were taken out.  For example, there is no backstabbing friend.  There is no almost-rape scene or a scene where the female lead gets drugged and ends up having pictures taken of her in bed with a random shirtless guy.

One thing that was left out that I really thought they should have added in is the trademark red tag scene.  A student would receive a red tag/flag with F4 written on it signifying that he or she was the F4’s next target for bullying.  It was probably left out because in this drama the F4 are not really cruel like in the other versions.  Their bullying is more playful.

The ending of the series was okay.  Remember how Doumyouji loses his memory of just the female lead?  Well, in this version, Yun Hai has normal amnesia where he forgets everything about his past.  The mom lies to him by telling him some other girl is his girlfriend and somehow everyone goes along with it.  Anyways, the series ends with him just starting to recover his memory of the female lead.  Some people complained about it being incomplete, but I thought it was a cute ending nonetheless.

Overall, I thought this version was pretty good.  To some it may have lacked quality when compared to the Korean “Boys Over Flowers”.   To me, I thought it was cute and entertaining.  It was a lot more innocent than the other versions and is definitely meant for a younger audience than that of which typically follow the Hana Yori Dango series.

My Rating: (4/5)

Watch this drama (subbed) over at Viki.


~ by misunderst0od on September 7, 2009.

5 Responses to “Let’s Go Watch A Meteor Shower”

  1. I heard they are having a 2nd season!

  2. I agree!!!

  3. i agreed!!i’ve fnshd wtching it..n addcted to this series..so enjoyable n unique.i luv love yunhai n yuxun,they made a great,sweet couple!!-)

  4. hmm hello? Have you forgotten Meteor Garden the original adaption of this story that came out in the early 2000s nearly 10 years ago?

  5. it has 36 episodes and its still incomplete? for real? im planning to watch this but 36 episodes is just to long. HYD just got 9 eps in season 1 and 11 for season 2.

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