You’re Beautiful OST


01. Still / As Ever – Lee Hong Ki
02. Descend from the Sky – Miss $ ft. Oh Won Bin
03. Without Saying – 9th STREET
04. Lovely Day – Park Shin Hye
05. Promise – Lee Hong Ki ft. Jung Hwa Young
06. My Heart’s Calling – Kim Dong Wook
07. Without Saying – Park Shin Hye
08. Still / As Ever – A.N.JELL
09. Promise – A.N.JELL
10. Without Saying (Piano ver.) – Various Artists
11. Still / As Ever (Bossa ver.) – Various Artists

It seems like the soundtrack for You’re Beautiful has been gaining a lot of attention, and for a good reason too.  I listened to it a couple weeks back and I have to say it is one of the best OSTs for a Korean drama that I’ve listened to in awhile.  Perhaps it could have been that I found something that actually fit my taste in music, but I think otherwise.  The soundtrack has a heavy influence of rock, which, in my opinion, is just refreshingly different.

Of course, there is also the factor that the band A.N.JELL is bound to have just as many fans in real life as they are portrayed in the kdrama.  Fans of the show seemed to have taken a liking to the idea of A.N.JELL as an actual band.  After all, their songs are on the actual soundtrack.

The songs are all really good and fun to listen to individually.  I say “individually” because after awhile, the songs sort of start to sound the same.  Don’t get me wrong, the OST does have a bit of variety in it (some songs include bits of rapping in them), but overall I think they seemed to have the same or a similar beat.

My Rating: (4/5)

Download Here

You’re Beautiful OST 2

I’m not even going to bother rating this one because it is completely not my taste in music, which would prevent me from rating this objectively.  To me, it seems like your typical OST music.  The OST has 8 songs and the highlight that most fans were waiting for is the song Good Bye, which is sung by Jang Geun Suk (male lead).


01 바보를 위한 노래 – 박상우
02 말도없이 – 장근석
03 어떡하죠 – 박다예
04 Good Bye – 장근석
05 Lovely Day (Acoustic Ver.) – 박신혜
06 어떡하죠 (Inst.) – 박다예
07 Good Bye (Inst.) – 장근석
08 바보를 위한 노래 (Inst.) – 박상우

Download Here

Credits:   AliceChen, AsIaN Reloaded


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  1. hi i love everything!

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