Gummy – As a Man

I honestly don’t know why I pushed off watching the MV for this song until now.  I kept coming across so much news about it (like teasers and appearances), but I somehow ignored it.  Now, I regret doing so because as I was totally fangirling throughout watching it.

The reason I actually bothered checking out the MV was because I watched Gummy sing it on a showcase and I absolutely fell in love in the song.  The MV is cute and it has two of my favorite Korean celebs in it, Jung Ryeo Won and Kim Hyun Joong.  It kind of surprises me how I managed to ignore this fact…especially about Jung Ryeo Won starring in it (I go out of my way to watch this girl’s movies and dramas).

Anyways, check it out. I’m sure you will like it too.


  1. The first note (in the bathroom) says: Close the lid after you use the toilet.
  2. The second note at 3:37 says: Don’t limit/control me.
  3. The third note at 4:41 is a line from the song: Because you’re a man, you wouldn’t get it even if you died.

Credits: kpopsubs1 @ youtube (for video and post-it translations)


~ by misunderst0od on May 6, 2010.

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