Badmaash Company

Bollywood these days just seems to be disgusting me.  It’s as if all the movies coming out lately have either crappy plots or girls dancing and prancing around in the sluttiest outfits I’ve ever seen.  There’s just no decency…not to mention it makes the movie seem so much more unrealistic.

I’m sure some guys have no problem with these hot girls wearing minimum clothes, but I for one and getting sick of it.  Someone change it up a little!  And by change it up, I mean don’t go back to super traditional style, but keep it at a medium.  Am I making any sense? Probably not since I’m typing this so late at night.

But anyways, my point for bringing all this up is that, for some reason, despite this being what seems like a typical Bollywood movie, I still want to see it.

It reminds me of something from the Ocean’s 11 series or The Italian Job, both of which I am a fan of.  I think I’m making an exception for this movie because it’s a con movie.

Badmaash Company hits theaters this weekend, more specifically today.  Check it out and let me know how it is.   :]

P.S. I have a feeling I’m going to like the soundtrack.


~ by misunderst0od on May 7, 2010.

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