Liar Game Episode 1 Detailed Summary

Okay, so I have decided to write a summary for at least 1 episode of this series because it is so good.  I’ve even included pics. ^w^  Sorry for this one being so long, the first episodes are usually kind of the longest and there was a lot of information to cover.  This is a Japanese drama series starring Toda Erica as Kanzaki Nao and Matsuda Shota as Akiyama Shin’ichi.  I apologize in advance for bad grammer.  I wrote this late at night and, honestly, I think I’m terrible at writing.

[Edit: This is actually pretty old.  It was on my Vox account, but since Vox is being shut down, I had to transfer it here.]

Anyways, Enjoy. =)

Liar Game – Episode 1 Summary

In the beginning of the episode you meet Kanzaki Nao, walking along and giving a brief intro. She admits that she is gullible and too honest for her own good. She is easily fooled by other people and is very trusting in others. When she arrives at her house she finds a strange black card in the mail addressed to her from LGT Secretariat along with a box. Curious about the contents of the box, she opens to find it filled with money.

She opens the card addressed to her for an explanation and learns that she has been selected to play in the Liar Game Tournament. Astonished about finding this money, she counts it only to learn that it’s 100 million yen. She finds a cassete tape at the bottom of the box and puts it into the VCR to watch it. A screen immedietly pops up with a masked man on the screen. He introduces himself as the dealer, Leronira. He says that if she is watching the video, then it must mean that she has chosen to participate in the “Liar Game”. He tells her that she cannot cancel her decision to play. Nao glances over at the card and finds that it says, “Open this box only if you want to participate. Cancellation will not be accepted.”

He then explains the rules for the first round of the Liar Game. In the game, both opponents must try to swindle or rob each other’s money. There is no need to worry about committing a criminal act because both opponents have consented to participate. The game is to last 30 days starting from when the opponents are decided. The person with most money in the end wins the game. After the game has ended, LGT Secretariat will send someone to recieve the money, which is the same amount as handed out in the beginning of the game, that is, 100 million yen. The amount of money swindled from your opponent will be your prize money, so the maximum you can earn is 100 million yen. If your opponent mananages to swindle your money, you must compensate for it, even if it means taking a loan. If you lose, the highest amount there is to compensate is 100 million yen. At the end of the tape he wishes her good luck and the screen goes blank.

After watching the video, Nao panics. All she can think about is going in debt. She locks the door, closes the curtains. At night she calls over the security guard/ police officer to ask him if he could do something about it. The officer says that he can’t do anything because police can’t act unless it turns into a real incident, so Nao is forced to hold on to the money. She winds up staring at the money all night afraid that someone is going to come and steal it.

In the morning she ends up getting another card in the mail, this time telling her who her opponent is. She is to relieved to find that her opponent is Mr. Fujisawa, her old grade school teacher. She immedietly takes all the money to his house to ask him his opinion. At the door she tells him she was relieved to hear the he was her opponent. Mr. Fujisawa is shocked to hear it and claims that all that swindling money from your opponent stuff was a lie and that the whole game is some kind of cleverly designed fraud.

He comes up with a scenario where the two opponents don’t know each other. If one opponent is losing money he might think that it’s his opponents doing and vice versa. I actuality its LGT Secretariat’s doing, so in the end both opponents will end up in debt. Nao, being the gullible person she is, believes in Mr. Fujisawa. She tells him that she brought the money with her because she couldn’t bare having it at home. He suggests putting the money into a deposit account in the bank for the whole 30 days so that they won’t be able to get the money. He tells her not to worry because he will take care of her share as well. Nao thanks him and leaves the money with him.

When she arrives at her home at night, she finds another card in the mail. This time the card gives the current results, with Mr. Fujisawa gaining 100 million and her with a 100 million debt. She calls Mr. Fujisawa to tell him and he persuades her that it is still just a trick. In the morning she goes to his house in order to apologize for accusing him of doing such a thing, but at the gate she overhears Mr. Fujisawa talking on the phone about how easy it was to decieve her. Nao is devestated and goes home to sulk and recieves another tape in the mail. The tape asks her to understand that she has been decieved. He reminds her that if she is unable to reobtain the 100 million yen, she will have to pay up.

In the morning, she goes to the officer and again asks him to do something about it. However, the officer says he cannot because he doesn’t think that the police can take action. He suggests asking a swindler for his opinion. He then tells her of a swindler that will be released from prison the next day. Apparently he was caught 3 years before and was said to be a genius. She then does some research to find the swindler. She learns that his name was Akiyama Shin’ichi.

The next scene shows Akiyama walking out of jail. Nao is searching for the entrance while she bumps into him. She asks him for his help in swindling and he tells her that he just got out of jail and asks her to go away. However, Nao is persistent and continues to follow him. She follows him to a market and Akiyama asks her when she is going to stop following him. She asks him just to hear her out and that she will stop following him. Akiyama agrees and tells her to stay right there while he goes to put his stuff away. Nao obediently waits, through the rain and through the night. In the morning the cleaning lady wakes her up and chases her away.

She then sees Akiyama and he asks her why she was still waiting. She says it was because he told her to do so. Akiyama points out that she was swindled out of her money because she is too honest for her own good. Nao asks him if its a bad thing to be too honest for her own good. There is a flashback where Akiyama sees a girl lying dead on the floor in a pool of blood. He then agrees to listen to her story. After hearing her story, he takes her to Mr. Fujisawa’s house in order to confront him. Mr. Fujisawa claims he can’t get the money because it’s in the bank which is only open on weekdays till 5 pm. When she does confront him, he admits he decieved her but it was because his life was already ruined by divorce and debts and he needs the money to survive. He also tells her that people are not to be trusted. Nao pleeds with him to return the money because her father is terminally ill with cancer and with a debt she wont be able to help him. He tells her he wont return the money and then slams the door in her face.

On the bus ride home, Akiyama tells Nao that he agrees to help her. Nao says that she doesn’t see how they can get their hands on the money because it rests safely in the bank. Akiyama claims there is a flaw with the money being in the bank. The game ends on a Sunday, so in order for Mr. Fujisawa to retrieve the money he would have to take it out two days in advance. Nao worries about how to get the money after its taken out of bank, but Akiyama has a plan for that too. He agrees to help her on the condition that they split the prize money. so after swindling Mr. Fujisawa’s money as well, they each will recieve 50 million yen. Nao agrees to the proposition.

In the morning, as Mr. Fujisawa gets his mail, Nao appears before him in disheveled clothing and has a crazy expression on her face. She tells him to watch out because she will be participating in the Liar Game and will take the 200 million yen that is currently in it. As instructed to do so by Akiyama, she keeps constant watch on him, often exagerating her actions. Mr. Fujisawa gets freaked out from not knowing what she is up to. Akiyama rents a small apartment so that they can keep a better watch on him. They take turns keeping watch on him. In the morning Akiyama tells Mr. Fujisawa that he will be taking part in the game as well as Nao’s right hand man. This freaks Mr. Fujisawa out even more when he hears they have a secret plan. He locks himself in his house, only to come out once a week for the mail.

Time goes by, and Nao begins to feel uneasy because they haven’t made any progress. When she says this to Akiyama, he tells her not to worry. His plan is to put Mr. Fujisawa under extreme stress and then decieve him. From Mr. Fujiawa’s actions Akiyama concludes that the money is in the house.

In the morning when Mr. Fujisawa wakes up, he sees smoke and hears the sound of fire. When he opens the door to leave, he decides not to and tries to call the fire department instead. However, he can’t bring himself to finish dialing. Then the sound of the fire stops, and Mr. Fujisawa looks up to find Nao and Akiyama standing in the doorway. Nao holds a cassete player in her hand, which is where the sound was coming from, and a bucket (with dry ice in it?). Akiyama asks Mr. Fujisawa why he didn’t call the firefighters. Akiyama confronts him about hiding the money in the room. Mr. Fujisawa admits he is and that they still won’t be able to get the money even if they knew its exact location. The money is inside a well built safe that he even shows to them, while laughing evily. Nao panicks upon seeing the safe, but Akiyama just smirks. He tells Mr. Fujisawa that it’s a piece of cake to steal the 200 million out of the safe.

And that is the end of episode 1, the ending to this round in episode two is amazing! Let me know if you want me to continue these summaries. =)


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3 Responses to “Liar Game Episode 1 Detailed Summary”

  1. can you please post up every summary.. please??

    i really love liar game but sadly in the Philippines, they don’t air it. i can’t watch it online either because my browser is so slow.. so please?

    thank you

    • Sure, I’ll try to do a little at a time, but I don’t think I’ll be able to work on them until December when the semester ends. I’ll try to have season 1 done during January because that is when I have a really long winter break and will actually have the time to write summaries.

  2. it is very interesting movie because it is related in our subject matter….and I’m happy to watched this because i learned more strategy in solving a case or problem. and also i learned how to become loyal and honest in yourself and also to your neighbor..

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