Liar Game The Final Stage

Liar Game The Final Stage came out in March and it is the conclusion of the Japanese drama series Liar Game.  The Jdrama itself is based off the popular manga of the same name written by Shinobu Kaitani.  The drama series has 2 seasons, with the conclusion (The Final Stage) being in movie format.

If you’re good at predicting movies, or if you’ve watched enough Liar Game, the first half of the movie is fairly predictable, but the twists in the second half will catch you off guard.  I don’t know about you, but I love movies that keep me guessing.  My only suggestion to you is that you watch both seasons before watching the movie, especially season 1.

I was hoping there would be new music or a new soundtrack for this movie, but the music remained the same.  The acting was exaggerated, which normally would be considered bad acting, but I think they were trying to give the movie a more anime like feel.  In any case, the over acting was kind of amusing.  And lastly, the ending left you on a good note.  If you aren’t satisfied with it, you will probably love the ending after the credits. (I’m trying so hard not to give away any spoilers).

My Rating: (4/5)

You can watch this movie subbed over at DramaCrazy.


~ by misunderst0od on September 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “Liar Game The Final Stage”

  1. um i heard a new song around the 55.00 minute mark can u tell me what it is?

    • I’m not exactly sure what part you’re talking about since I watched the movie in parts instead of all together, but around the 50.00 minute mark there is a song, which I think could be either Golden Rule or Electric Spark 0102 from the Season 2 Soundtrack. They sound kind of similar.

      Hope I could help. If you tell me what happens in the scene, I’d probably could do a better job. I’ll see if I can upload the s2 OST later today.

  2. Thx for telling abt the ending after the credits cz i didn’t know that…went to watch it again after reading what you wrote..ahh..i wish they showed some romance…

  3. OH ive been away and i just red your reply it was just after the part where they decided to let nao vote red apples for everyone then they give an explanation of how that happens with those small cutouts of people

  4. does anyone know the song that begins when it is revealed that sendou voted red roughly 1 hour 46 min in

  5. found it capsule – Love or Lies

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