Black and White


  • Title: Black & White / Pi Tzu Ying Hsiung (Pi Zi Ying Xiong) / 痞子英雄
  • Genre: Police, Action, Romance
  • Episodes: 24
  • Broadcast network: PTS / TVBS-G
  • Opening theme song: Wu Lai Zheng Yi by CoLoR and Mark Chao
  • Ending theme song: Perfect Stranger by Jason Zou and Picks
  • Synopsis: Pi Zi and Ying Xiong are two cops who are as different as day and night. One does nothing except drink coffee and live a luxurious lifestyle while waiting for information from dubious sources to crack his cases. Another believes law and justice are the pillars of society and is constantly on the street catching criminals, though a little overzealously for his superior’s liking. When a case brrings these two top crime solvers together, sparks fly and light is shed on the dark city, where the nation’s President is on friendly terms with the local triad.  –Dramawiki

I heard about this drama a while back and remember it being really popular.  I ended up avoiding watching it because at the time I needed a break from watching crime related dramas.  Not to mention, I thought most of the hype was just over the casting.  It was on my “To Watch Another Day” list for quite some time, but I finally got around to watching it.  I’m glad I did because it was well worth it.  It certainly lived up to its hype.

First of all, let me start off by saying that this show did have an incredible casting.  From the main cast to the supporting cast, you’ll come across some very well known and likable Taiwanese actors.  It stars Vic Zhou, Mark Chao, Xiu Jie Kai, Janine Chang, and Ivy Chen, just to name a few.  Not only was the casting great, so was the acting.  I was actually shocked by the acting at times.  Kingone Wang blew me away with his portrayal as a villain.  If you ever had doubts about these actors entering the entertainment industry just because of their looks, your doubts will be cleared away.

The plot, for the most part, is original.  Some minor elements are weird and crazy, but can be easily overlooked.  I’d have to say that this drama was really well written.  It has a nice mix of humor, action, romance, mystery, and suspense.  It will keep you guessing.  The romance was such a tease, but I heard they’re going to continue the story in an upcoming movie, so maybe that’s something to look forward to.  The soundtrack is also good, it has a lot of rock music (which I love).  If you watch Taiwanese dramas, this is definitely a must watch.  I absolutely recommend checking it out. It has become one of my top favorite TWDramas.

My Rating: (4/5)

You can watch this series over at Viki or Mysoju.


~ by misunderst0od on August 8, 2012.

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