Not another time travelling drama!

If you haven’t noticed, there have been a bunch of time travelling dramas popping up recently, especially in Korean entertainment.  I can name four off the top of my head that aired this year.  And while time travelling shows can be interesting and entertaining, too many of them airing recently after one another can get pretty annoying.  Where’s the originality!?  I blame Dr. Who’s influence.  Although they might not directly be related, time travel definitely seems to be the new ‘it’ thing that has transferred over to Korean entertainment.

Let’s go back and take a look at a few time travelling Kdramas that have aired and are still airing this year.

Queen In Hyun’s Man

queen inhyuns man

This drama is about a genius scholar from the past who finds himself able to travel to the future (our time) and back. There he meets an actress playing Queen In Hyun (who just so happens to be the Queen of the time period he is from). Long story short, he ends up falling for this actress and things get complicated when he keeps going back in time to change the past.

There’s nothing exceptionally great about the plot. However, the chemistry between the two main characters is great and fun to watch. The scholar is actually highly intelligent so he picks up on modern society very quickly. The actress has a dumb/cute personality about her when it comes to her crushing on the scholar. Anyways, it’s a cute little love story that’s fun to watch when you have some free time. Simple and sweet.

My Rating: (3/5)

Rooftop Prince

rooftop prince

This drama is about a king from the past who gets transported to the future (our time) while trying to solve his wife’s murder. While in our era, he realizes that everyone from his time has reincarnated and history is about to repeat itself. He has to figure out who murdered his wife (the Queen) in order to go back to his own time.

Rooftop Prince is a must watch. It is highly entertaining and hilarious. I guess you could say it’s laugh out loud funny. The king and his fellow subjects, that travel to the future with him, are a bunch of idiots, especially when it comes to adjusting to modern society. There are so many great moments and this drama will not fail to cheer you up for the first half.

My Rating: (4/5)

Time Slip Dr. Jin

time slip dr. jin

This drama is about a genius neurosurgeon who travels to the past. There he starts treating patients from that time period with the limited resources that he has available.  Additionally, he finds ways to substitute the usual methods of modern medicine with available resources. The once uncaring doctor starts to become genuine.

This drama has gotten mixed reviews. The story is based off a Japanese drama. I think most of the hype over this show is the casting (and the fact that Jaejoong is in it).  I think it’s the main reason for watching the show.  The plot has changed quite a bit from the original and there’s nothing really special about it. It’s basically a medical drama that they tried to make interesting by having it take place in some historical time period.

It actually gets pretty gross, you have to have a strong stomach to watch some of the surgeries.  You basically watch the doctor walk around saving people, which you get tired of by the 3rd episode. You also get tired of ignorant people saying “How dare you put a knife to his/her body!”  Ugh, it just gets repetitive.  Then there’s the overall plot of the show, which includes a tragic love story and secret plots to commit treason, which is not much worth watching.  Overall, it’s just a really weird show, and not necessarily weird in a good way.

My Rating: (2/5)

FAITH (The Great Doctor)

faith the great doctor

And last but not least, the most recent time traveling drama to air (and the reason for this post) is FAITH. This drama is about a plastic surgeon who is kidnapped by a general from the past and gets taken back to his time period so that she can save his queen.

Since this drama only aired recently there’s not much I can go off of. The plot so far doesn’t seem to be anything great so far, but then again its developing slowly. Most people are watching this show because of actor Lee Minho. I’m watching it because I thought it would be interesting to see a show where a plastic surgeon goes back in time and because the doctor happens to be female for once. However, the doctor in this series is kind of annoying. She’s always running off and causing trouble.

It gets a bit confusing at first because you might forget the genre is Fantasy. Some of the characters have  neat powers, sort of like the X-men. Some have fire powers, while the General has this cool electrical power like Static Shock. Anyways, I feel like the drama did have potential, which it kind of tapped out.  It still remains somewhat entertaining despite progressing so slowly. But overall, it’s nothing special.

My Rating: (2.5/5) 


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