Spring Love

Spring has come to an end, and with it so did many dramas. Spring Love in particular recently finished being subbed. I hate to say this, but the drama was probably one of the worst dramas I’ve ever watched.  The acting was terrible, even for a TWdrama standard. I honestly don’t know how I managed to power through it. I’m fairly certain that most people watched this for Mike He. While I mainly watched this series because I am a sucker for twin dramas, even I am guilty of  watching this series because of Mike He.

spring love

  • Title: Spring Love / Mei Ren Long Tang / 美人龍湯 /
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 14
  • Broadcast network: FTV
  • Opening theme song: Hao Xiang Bian Ping Guo (好想變蘋果) by Popu Lady
  • Ending theme song: Bei Wang Lu (被忘錄) by Aaron Yan

Spring Love centers around a Ryuta, a half Japanese half Taiwanese guy, who goes to Taiwan in search of his father and brother after his mother’s death.  While there, he is asked by his father to remain in Taiwan and pretend to be his twin brother, Tian He, while Tian He is getting surgery in Japan.  Ryuta decides to stay and help out his father Long’s hot spring business and learn more about his family.  There he meets Ren Mei, who comes from a rival family.  She comes to the Long’s hot spring to work for a year due to her family losing a bet with the Long family.  Ryuta slowly helps Ren Mei gain the confidence and courage she needs to stand up to her family and follow her dreams.

One thing I hated about this drama was that they had to make Ren Mei really dumb.  To make matters worse, they had to make her fat (although it was completely obvious the actress was wearing a body suit) as if to associate being fat with being ugly and stupid.  In normal situations I wouldn’t mind the main lead having some extra pounds on her, but to make her dumb because of it is a whole different story.  Ren Mei only seems to lose her naivety when she loses weight later on in the series. How incredibly lame.  Well, it could be that Ren Mei had some sense knocked into her because of Ryuta, but either way Ren Mei’s character was incredibly annoying throughout the series.

Mike He…where to start.  I am incredibly disappointing in him in this series.  He did a pretty bad acting job (fangirls don’t kill me).  Granted he was playing two roles (Ryuta and Tian He), but both roles had completely different personalities.  Even though Ryuta may have been pretending to be Tian He, when he was by himself, it still got a bit confusing.  I know that Mike He can do a better acting job when compared to his other roles.  I just don’t think he was that serious in this drama.

Spring Love is one of those dramas that I’d recommend skipping, unless you are an extreme Mike He fan, then by all means watch it.  It wasn’t even all that funny and neither was it well written.  The cinematography was was pretty bad as well, although I must admit the soundtrack is pretty catchy. This drama doesn’t really have much going for it except Mike He unfortunately.

My Rating: (2/5)

You can watch this series subbed over at Viki.


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