Yet another Revenge drama, but this one is actually pretty good.  It’s packed with symbolism and metaphors that had me trying to analyze the smallest details.  And don’t get me started on the plot twists!  They caught me off guard so much.  Overall it was extremely well written and enjoyable.


  • Title: Shark / Don’t Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus / 상어
  • Genre: Thriller, Melodrama, Romance, Mystery
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: KBS2

The plot is pretty complicated, but basically the story is about Han Yi Soo who comes back to Korea after 12 years in order to get revenge against the wrongs done to him and others in the past by one wealthy, yet evil man.  In doing so, he must use Jo Hae Woo (his best friend and the girl he loves) in the process.  Basically, Han Yi Soo witnessed his father’s murder and in order to clear his father from false accusations and to discover the truth about his father’s murder, he uncovers an even greater secret.  It’s a secret that makes him lose trust in everyone around him.  This secret nearly costs him his life as someone tries to assassinate him in a hit and run incident.  Although his body is missing from the crime scene, due to the amount of blood found at the scene, Yi Soo is assumed to be dead and his body taken by the criminal. Unbeknownst to everyone else, Han Yi Soo is actually alive.  He was saved by the chairman of Giant Hotel (Yoshimura), who has his own interest in Yi Soo’s survival.  Yi Soo changes his face and his identity.  He grows up hiding out in Japan and carefully planning his revenge.  He returns to Korea 12 years later in order to carry out his plans: to reveal the truth and correct the many wrongs committed by others.

Yes, the plot did drag a bit toward the end, which was kind of annoying.  I was kind of disappointed with the ending, but I can see how it makes sense.  It has to do with the whole symbolism and metaphor aspect of the story line.   It’s still worth watching though, so I recommend you check it out.

My Rating: (4/5)


~ by misunderst0od on August 12, 2013.

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